Natural Beauty Breast Form "Jane"

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*We are now taking pre-orders for our forms at a discounted price of 30% off between now and May 15th.  Be sure to take advantage of this special price as it will go up after the 15th and won't be this low again.  Don't miss out on this great deal!*   Use the code “Preorder30” at checkout. 

Jane is made from organic-nontoxic materials allowing the skin to breathe and giving that piece of mind that the material will cause no further harm.  The smooth shell looks great under any garment. Weights are customizable to match sides and decrease neck and upper back pain.  Jane's cover has no attachment system so it works great in any post-surgical mastectomy bra.  Our forms are easy to care for. Each unit includes weights, insert, shell, and cover. 

Don't forget, if you had a double mastectomy you're in need of two units, please be sure to change the quantity to two.   

*Please note this is for a pre-order of this product.  Manufacturing has started as of April 2022.  We will keep you updated on the process and expected shipping date.  We appreciate your support and your patience as we get up and running. 

Materials used: GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Jersey, Merino Wool, and Glass Rondels.  

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